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Physical/Digital Puppetry

I need some feedback

Scene 1: Night Shift Ending – SG (15 sec + 2 loops = 45 sec)
SG enters SL (hand/head pokes around curtain) shining flashlight.
SG pauses to shine flashlight at audience, yawns widely and continues.
SG walks through gallery room checking paintings.
SG shines light on (physical) painting.
SG exits SR.
Scene 2: Gallery Opening – SG+C (25 sec + 2 loops = 75 sec)
C leaps on SL and pauses.
C stretches back up/down.
SG enters SR, shining flashlight.
SG sees C and plays with flashlight. C follows light.
SG scratches C behind the ears, strokes along back all the way up tail (C raises tail as he does this).
SG flips wall switch. Pauses to look at lights as they come on.
C exits SR.
SG exits SL.
Scene 3: First Visitors – C+SB+OL (40 sec + 1 loop = 80 sec)
C enters SL. C pauses near painting and looks up at it.
SB and OL enter SL looking around gallery.
OL looks out toward audience not paying attention to SB.
Meanwhile SB spots C, gets excited and bounces over to C.
SB pauses, looks mischievously at audience, sticks lollipop on C.
C doesn't like this. C arches back/raises tail/eyes red and leaps out SR.
OL notices what SB has done, blushes and scolds SB, whacking him with cane.
SB bends head shamefully, licks candy and walks out SR.
OL looks closely at painting and looks at audience stroking chin.
OL exits SR.
Scene 4: Scoping the Scene – OL+G (35 sec + 1 loop = 70 sec)
OL enters SR and looks closely at painting.
OL leans down and taps cane on floor to call G.
G emerges from below table and pauses.
OL and G both look one way (SR) then the other (SL).
OL looks at G and indicates painting with cane. (OL is to SL of painting, G peers around her to see).
G acknowledges with cigar. G chuckles, OL giggles/blushes.
OL exits SR and G exits down below table.
Scene 5: The Heist – G+SG+SB (35 sec + 1 loop = 70 sec)
SB enters SR, walks to SL and taps floor with candy to call G.
G enters from below table to SR of SB and begins to sneak toward painting.
SG enters SL backwards.
G spots SG and pauses in big surprise, pulling back.
G indicates to SB to go distract SG and hides partially below table.
SB runs over around back of SG to SL and pulls SG's arm toward SL exit urgently.
SG and SB exit SL.
G snatches painting, turns to audience and laughs, and exits SR.
Scene 6: Chase and Capture – G+SG+C (20 sec)
G enters SR looking behind him as if pursued.
C runs in SL (when G is turned other way).
C leaps into arched back/tail raised position in front of G. Eyes shine red.
(C stays arched until G is caught).
G halts and pulls back in surprise, is thrown off-balance and drops painting.
SG enters SR and halts G with hand. G is caught between SG and C.
G does back and forth between SG and C.
SG grabs G by coat collar and drags him out SR.
C follows exits SR.
Scene 7: The Twist – SB+OL (30 sec)
SB and OL enter SR bacwards (SB leads), watching the capture (C and SB+OL cross paths).
SB turns and spots painting on floor, tugs OL's dress.
OL leans down to look at painting, indicates to SB to take it.
SB carries painting off-stage, exiting SL. OL follows.
OL pauses before exiting, turns to audience and laughs maniacally.
OL exits SL.